How To Get Your Dog Halloween Ready

This post is part of The DIY Halloween Costume Blog Tour, hosted by SeamsSewLo.

It’s been a few days of fall so far and I have done almost no sewing whatsoever. Technically, I sew a lot – in my mind. I think of great projects and even think about the kind of stitches I’m going to use and what thread. Sometimes I lay in bed and imagine how I’m sitting in front of my machine stitching away. But then life happens and my machine has to wait.

So the past couple of weeks have been busy with non-sewing things – aka life – but this weekend I made time to spend some one-on-one with my sewing machine. We are like old friends. Even if we don’t see each other daily, it only takes a few seconds and we are right back where we left off last time.

IMG_20180923_121513When sewing, I’m never alone. I usually have at least two companions: My cat is usually on top of a fabric stack, sleeping. My dog is usually behind my chair, also sleeping. But not today. Today my dog will be the star. She was my model for this sewing project and she loves it. So how about I start by introducing her:

IMG_20180705_122651.jpgMorgan. She is 3 1/2 years old and the nicest dog you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t know she is a 75lbs pitbull mix, rather she thinks of herself as a chihuahua lap dog. Her favorite thing in the world is being called a “good dog”. If you tell her to sit, she’ll sit for as long as you want. If she hears you say “walk”, she’ll start spinning in circles and and get overly excited. That is why in our house, we only spell “w-a-l-k”.

Morgan gets cold easily and since Halloween is around the corner, I needed to make her something special. I never made a dog shirt before but I was determined to try. After searching the internet for some pointers, I found some help. First thing first: taking her measurements. Things I found out while taking my dog’s measurements: (1) I don’t know where my dog’s shoulders are, (2) she is almost as long as she is wide, (3) she is ticklish on her belly but won’t move because the measuring tape is evil and she is only a small lap dog.

Ok, so now I had her measurements. Off to cutting the fabric. I found some really awesome pumpkin fabric with coordinating stripes. First I had to put it on top of her and take a picture of her slightly annoyed face. Then I cut it. I came up with the following pieces:

I sewed the pieces together. I kept trying it on her to make sure I don’t make it too tight or too loose. Morgan was very patient throughout the process. I think she really enjoyed all the attention she received. I also threw in a couple of “good girl”s. I made a few tweaks here and there, shortened it and hemmed the raw edges and added a strap of velcro on her belly. I couldn’t decide if I want to add a standing collar but I decided to go simple first to try it.


At the end, Morgan had a Halloween shirt I made from scratch. Did I mention that the white pumpkins glow in the dark? I’m gonna have to add some extra velcro on her belly to secure the shirt when she is walking but I think we are all set for some chilly fall evening walks. Maybe we’ll even score some candy!

Are you ready to see all of the new Halloween costumes on the DIY Sewing Pattern Blog Tour?  Me too!!  Go ahead and follow along with us!

3 thoughts on “How To Get Your Dog Halloween Ready

  1. 😍 She is a very good girl! My dog is part pit bull and the sweetest boy ever. I think I may need to try making him some shirts too. The sweater we got him last year helped calm him down a lot during thunderstorms and fireworks, but now that I sew….


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