Why Purses are Overrated

I’m not a fancy purse person. Why do we need fancy purses? Sure, an expensive looking designer purse might earn us some envious looks and maybe even nods of approvals from fashion bag icons such as Lauren Conrad and Victoria Beckham but are they really necessary? To find out, I recently took inventory of my go-to purse. I found some essentials such as sunglasses, keys and my phone, but I was also carrying around other things that got lost in the depth of my bag: change, crumbled receipts, pens, chapsticks, post-it notes, tea bags… Nobody needs crumbled receipts and more than one chapstick. Or at least I don’t. I need my phone, my keys and my sunglasses and I’m ready to go. I should mention that I have one of those phone cases that allow me to securely tuck away my ID and credit cards so I eliminated the need of a wallet a long time ago. Sunglasses go either on my nose for active sun protection or on my head. Phone goes in my back pocket. Keys go in another pocket. And done.

Not carrying a purse is great. There is nothing to restrict my movement on one side of my body so I’m free to use both of my arms at any time. I can catch a ball confidently with both hands. I can spontaneously start crawling because, again, both arms are ready for action. I can wear my shopping bags on my shoulders and still have two more hands to hold enormous bags of fabric. Because without buying a fancy purse I save money. And the saved money I use to buy fabric. And with that fabric I make clothes with pockets because that’s the way to go.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 7.38.30 PM

Pockets are a girl’s best friends. Forget diamonds. Pockets can keep all your secrets stashed away.

Did you ever notice that in most women’s clothing the pockets are tiny and barely fit anything? I even bought clothes that looked like they have pockets only to find put they were sewn shut. Who thinks of that and why?

When we go somewhere and I’m wearing something fancy, my husband has to put all my things in his pockets because he has great pockets that hold anything. They are spacious and fully functional on every piece of clothing he owns.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 7.39.10 PM

Now that I have the power to make my own clothes I try to add pockets whenever there is an option to do so. And I’m talking big pockets that hold big girl things. I need space to store receipts I will never look at other important stuff. I need a place to put my hands when they are cold because fall is coming and I want warm hands.

This week I thought about the upcoming fall season. Temperatures have slightly cooled off. It is still warm but I started preparing. One of the first things I made for the upcoming boots-and-sweater season is a sweater knit tunic. And it has pockets. Big pockets.

For the pictures I only put my hand half way in because I thought it looks classy. In real life my hands are in that pocket which goes all the way down to the waist band. When wearing this tunic, I don’t need a purse. So I need to make a million more because purses are overrated.

So what do you think, are you more of a purse gal or pockets all the way?

6 thoughts on “Why Purses are Overrated

  1. Das Kleid ist richtig schön – das werde ich auch mal probieren! Ich bin ein Fan von beidem, ich habe immer gern Taschen in den Kleidungsstücken, die ich trage, für Schlüssel oder Handy. Ich habe aber auch gern eine Taxhe/Rucksack dabei, um noch mehr zu transportieren. Alltagsschnickschnack eben. 🙂


  2. I am totally with you- nobody needs a purse! You get posture problems from carrying purses on one shoulder and you ALWAYS search for things in your purse. But please, please, please, treat yourself with a new phone case! Because it’s kind of your purse and it deserves nods of approvals, too.


  3. I agree about pockets, they should be bigger, but I’m a sucker for a handbag – even with all the hunting I have to do. It’s more like a security blanket


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