Sewing For Friends – Pt. 1

Even though September has started and Starbucks is already serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes, we still have a couple of weeks of summer left. So let’s stay summer-y a little longer, shall we?

Summers here in Northern California are hot and dry. Some summer days are really hot, others are bearably hot and others are comfortably hot but hot nevertheless. What do I like to do to stay cool during the heat? Turn on the AC and stay inside, preparing sewing patterns by taping the paper pieces together and cutting fabric pieces. That is, of course, the only thing I like to do because after all, this is a sewing blog.

A lot of people travel during the summer months. And there are a lot of birthdays during the summer months. I like to combine those two things so I made a birthday present for my traveling friend.

One of the very first sewing books I ever bought was One Yard Wonders. This is a great resource for when you begin to sew because there are some fun projects in there you can do with just a little bit of fabric. I found the travel placemats in there and immediately thought of my friend. She will take those travel placemats with her when she is backpacking. Those placemats will enjoy a view of the Alps when she stops mountain biking to have a picknick. Or they will accompany her when she does her next road trip to Italy. These placemats will have great adventures, epic almost, while most of us just dream about it.

Travel placemats come together quickly. For this pattern, I had to measure the fabric pieces rather than tracing a paper piece on top of the fabric. This had its challenges since I had to make all the pieces fit on one yard of fabric. After I barely made it, I noticed that they was a layout suggestion in the book. Right next to the title. This would have saved me a lot of time but I learned a valuable lesson: Buy more fabric so you can place the pattern pieces however you want. I will remember that for next time.

Placemats that travel with you wherever you go. And they won’t give you wrong directions or choose annoying songs like other travel buddies.

So be like the travel placemats and feel the breeze gently tucking on your napkin, spread out on a freshly mowed lawn and soak up some sun, and see the smiles you bring to people’s faces when they put a sandwich on top of you and you keep it clean. Take advantage of the last couple of weeks of summer because fall is coming…

3 thoughts on “Sewing For Friends – Pt. 1

  1. Oh this is a perfect gift for a traveller, we often go camping and something like this is just right for the hiking day picnics. Your friend must be delighted!

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