Did You Know…?! Pajama Edition.

I love sewing. And I don’t just mean the act of stepping on my sewing machine’s pedal and watching the needle go up and down (even though I’m especially fond of that) but everything that comes with sewing: picking out the fabric, choosing a pattern, cutting the pieces, deciding on a thread and putting everything together for the final product. I really enjoy that.

Also, I love sleeping. Not just the part where I lay in bed, close my eyes and sleep, but everything that leads to the sweet slumber: putting on cute jammies, applying that good smelling lotion, reading a couple of pages of a book and finally cuddling up in the blanket and closing my eyes.

Pajamas. PJs. Jammies. Night suit. Nightie. In this post I want to talk about pajamas.

Pajama (both the word and the piece of clothing) comes from the Persian word pāy-jāmeh پايجامه‎,, describing loose paints tied together with a drawstring. Pajamas came to Europe as early as the seventeenth century but didn’t become popular until the Victorian era. Jammies are super popular in the current Malounamian era.

I started wondering: Do people still wear pajamas? I found this great statistic from 2015:

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.25.47 PM

So yes, pajamas are still the bees’ knees. And just like 55% of women that took part in this survey, I too wear pajamas at night. But unlike 87.26% (approximate), I like to sew my own jammies.

Let me show you the first pair of pajama pants I ever made:

These are the Pattern For Pirates – Walk The Plank PJ Bottoms made out of snuggle flannel and there are amazingly soft and comfortable and the best thing ever to sleep in. I know I said that leggings are a fast sew, but pajama bottoms are just as fast to make. I recently made a short length version and added something special:


Also very comfortable. And so stylish. If I ever had to do a spontaneous fashion show in the middle of the night, these jammies would win first prize. So let me go prepare for that midnight fashion show by putting the shorts on and cuddling with my blankets.

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