Leggings Poetry


The first pattern I ever made for myself was a pair of leggings. Leggings are great because the come together quickly and it is instant gratification when you are able to put them on and experience the joy of something handmade on you.

Wearing self-made leggings is more than the simple act of putting them on. Leggings are comfortable yet stylish and leggings are there for you. Lazy weekend at home? Leggings for all day comfort. A nice hike enjoying nature? Leggings! And: you get to keep them on after the hike for that lazy evening on the couch. Forgot something and need to run to the store but you are in leggings? No problem, no need to change. Leggings got you covered. Literally.

I love leggings so much that I woke up the poet in me and expressed my admiration of them:

Limerick: Leggings

Leggings so soft and light,

Blue or pink or black and white,

Contour waistband to hide that tummy,

Making all the curves look yummy,

Wearing you is a highlight!


5-7-5 Haiku: Leggings 

Leggings gently hug

Its wearer’s legs in comfort.

All day ev’ry day.


Ode to Leggings (in Old Shakespearean English)

The day i w’re

mine own first pair of me-made leggings,

did stick in mine own mind

T’wast the beginning

of a loveth st’ry.

As i hath felt the fabric

and did close mine own eyes

i hath felt as though

mine own hands gently did touch

a cloud.

What joy t’is to has’t

not one but two legs

to beest hon’r’d

to beest wrapp’d in

pure comf’rt.



If you want to try your own pair, I used Peg Legs by Patterns for Pirates.

3 thoughts on “Leggings Poetry

  1. I definitely want to hear more from this little poet! And one of these leggings please!
    Just one little comment: “Forgot something and need to run to the store but you are in leggings? No need to change”- don’t do it in Germany or they’ll think you’re in need and buy the food for you!


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