The Beginnings.

Wow, I’m so glad you found your way here!

If you are reading this, then you made it past the first line and you have now read more than 20 words that I typed here. Alright, I have a few more words so stay with me. This is my blog. I have been planning to write a blog for a while now but always put it off. But today is the day. This is it. I am writing my first post and I hope it won’t be my last.

Beginnings can be hard. It took me several tries to get this right and even now I keep deleting words and whole sentences. But you have to try a variety of things to figure out exactly what you are good at and love to do. Since I didn’t know where to start, I will start somewhere in the middle.

I have been sewing for a little bit now. I started with small things and now I am sewing wearable things for myself. Sometimes whatever I’m making fits really well and I’m like “I’ll never buy clothes anywhere ever again. From now on, I’ll sew all of my clothes”. And sometimes they don’t and in that case those project land in a box, for later. Later is quite undefined. It could be a while until I’m ready to get them back out.

So in this post I would like to introduce a project I finished and love AND used in the real world: The Set Sail Hat by Patterns For Pirates.

Making this the main attraction for my first blog seems kind of fitting because I found this little known fact about a well-known designer: Coco Chanel opened her first shop in Paris in 1910, not selling clothes but hats. Nowadays, she might be a well-known name for clothes and perfume, but back in the days her passion was hats. If you wear clothes, you have heard of Chanel clothing. And if not, you have at least heard of her perfume line. But if even that does not ring a bell, you can read more about her here.

But back to me and my pasty noggin that needs sun protection. I present to you:

My totally reversible and totally rad sun hat. Now you have learned two things about me already: I love polka dots and cherries and I was beyond excited that I was able to combine the love for both and wear it.

Malounami Sun Hat
P4P Set Sail Hat

Some technical details: Sewing this hat was great. It only has three main pieces and the brim piece. You cut each piece twice since you want to make it fully reversible and add interfacing between the brim pieces. You can use regular quilting cotton. The sturdier, the more your brim will hold up. I got mine at Joann. It didn’t take long to put the pieces together and all of a sudden, the chore of sun protection becomes a fashion statement.

Do you feel like trying your own? You should. Again, pattern link is here. Now excuse me while I take my cherry-polka-dots-hat to the next beach.



5 thoughts on “The Beginnings.

  1. I am so impressed! In this first post you’ve combined everything: your passion, your great sense of humor, things you love and even a box 🙂 It’s simply amazing- please keep going!


  2. What a wondeful day to start that blog. Beautiful words with beautiful pictures. Keep on and have a lot of fun!


  3. Ich gratuliere Dir zu diesem großartigen neuen Blogstart!!! Toller Artikel! Dein Humor ist köstlich. Woher Du den nur hast??? ; ))


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